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segregator< Allocators > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class... Allocators>
class foonathan::memory::segregator< Allocators >

Creates multiple nested binary_segregator.

If you pass one type, it must be a Segregatable. Then the result is a binary_segregator with that Segregatable and null_allocator as fallback. If you pass two types, the first one must be a Segregatable, the second one a RawAllocator. Then the result is a simple binary_segregator with those arguments. If you pass more than one, the last one must be a RawAllocator all others Segregatable, the result is binary_segregator<Head, segregator<Tail...>>.

It will result in an allocator that tries each Segregatable in the order specified using the last parameter as final fallback.

Related Functions

template<std::size_t I, class Segregator >
using segregatable_allocator_type = typename detail::segregatable_type< I, Segregator >::type
 The type of the Ith Segregatable. More...
template<class Segregator >
using fallback_allocator_type = typename detail::fallback_type< Segregator >::type
 The type of the final fallback RawAllocator. More...
template<typename... Args>
auto make_segregator (Args &&... args) -> segregator< typename std::decay< Args >::type... >

Related Functions

◆ segregatable_allocator_type

using segregatable_allocator_type = typename detail::segregatable_type<I, Segregator>::type

The type of the Ith Segregatable.

◆ fallback_allocator_type

using fallback_allocator_type = typename detail::fallback_type<Segregator>::type

The type of the final fallback RawAllocator.

◆ make_segregator()

auto make_segregator ( Args &&...  args) -> segregator<typename std::decay<Args>::type...>
A segregator created from the allocators args.